Android VR Roller Coaster using Blender and Unity! Part 02

Before starting you might also want to take a peek at two videos that can help you with this project, it’s Ryan Zehm’s tutorials on How to use Cardboard Reticle and How to make a 3D Radial Button.

Creating a Motion Path and a Rail Track in Blender

Ok, on Part 01 we setup our little VR Project in Unity. Now, we will use Blender to create a rail track around the Island and also to create an object that will follow along that track so we can connect our VR Camera to it later.

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Android VR Roller Coaster using Blender and Unity! Part 01


Five months ago I decided to start using Unity for the first time and I figured that doing a small VR Roller Coaster would be a nice little project to start with. In no time I had a proper VR Roller Coaster prototype working all fine and dandy so I moved on to other things that needed my attention but I always wanted to share how I managed to do it and maybe someone else would find it useful for themselves or even somebody else could create a better project built on it. So, hope you like it and here’s how I did it:

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